April 22, 2018

Welcome to the MC-AAUP!

In addition to the traditional role of AAUP as the "Voice of the Profession" in higher education, the Chapter at MC also serves as the exclusive agent for the faculty in a collective bargaining relationship with the college administration. This web site is primarily intended as a channel for communication with Chapter members. ________________


AAUP Update: Upcoming Faculty Meetings (4/25 & 4/26)

Colleagues: In my previous correspondence on April 5th I announced that the Executive Committee would be hosting two … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Save the Date (4/25 or 4/26)

Colleagues: The members of the AAUP Executive Committee are aware that many of you are interested in receiving an update … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Faculty Council Update on Faculty Salary Study

As many of you are aware, the College recently reviewed and is making adjustments to some staff member salaries. However, … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Statement to the Board of Trustees

February 26, 2018 Statement to the Board of Trustees Read by:   Harry Zarin, Counselor/President, AAUP At the January … [Read More...]

MC-AAUP – Happy Hour!

Take a break before break! For a few hours, we'll meet-up, chat, update and generally have a relaxing time. Then, that … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Negotiations and More….

On behalf of the Chapter, I hope you are having a good semester and that your classes, projects, programs, and various other … [Read More...]

AAUP Response to Feb. 21 College Memo

Colleagues: By now all of you have had an opportunity to read today’s memo that was sent by Mr. Robert Roop, Chief Human … [Read More...]

Education Budget Meetings

Colleagues: Starting tonight (February 21, 2018) at Damascus High School, Councilman Craig Rice, MCPS Superintendent Jack … [Read More...]