March 28, 2015

Welcome to the MC-AAUP!

In addition to the traditional role of AAUP as the "Voice of the Profession" in higher education, the Chapter at MC also serves as the exclusive agent for the faculty in a collective bargaining relationship with the college administration. This web site is primarily intended as a channel for communication with Chapter members. ________________


AAUP Update: February 2015

Colleagues: In years past all AAUP voting on contractual and other related issues occurred via in-person voting.  This … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Newsletter, December 2014

(download in PDF) December 2014 Newsletter Update from Harry N. Zarin, G Counseling, Chapter President Opening … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Newsletter, October 2014

(download in PDF) AAUP Newsletter October 2014   Updates from Harry N. Zarin- G Counseling, Chapter … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: 2014-15 Election Results

Happy End-of-the-Year Everyone, Thanks to those of you who were able to make it to the AAUP closing meeting on Tuesday. … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Negotiations

As stated at the closing meeting, please send any comments or suggestions to my private email, Have … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Department Chair Position Announcement

Hello Colleagues, By now you have probably read the chair position announcement and have been planning accordingly. … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Side Letters & More!

Hello MC Faculty, We have a few quick updates on academic restructuring, the ongoing negotiations of two key side letters, … [Read More...]

AAUP Update:

Hello Colleagues, The purpose of this email is to provide you with brief updates on academic restructuring and contract … [Read More...]