April 25, 2017

Welcome to the MC-AAUP!

In addition to the traditional role of AAUP as the "Voice of the Profession" in higher education, the Chapter at MC also serves as the exclusive agent for the faculty in a collective bargaining relationship with the college administration. This web site is primarily intended as a channel for communication with Chapter members. ________________


AAUP Call To Action – March 30, 2017

In light of recent memos pertaining to the fiscal year 2018 operating budget from Dr. Pollard and Dr. Wormack, the Montgomery … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Newsletter, December 2016

(download in PDF) December 2016 Newsletter Update from Harry N. Zarin, G Counseling, Chapter President Presidential … [Read More...]

AAUP – Presidential Perks Story: FT Faculty Response to Survey

As all of you know by now, the News 4 I-Team ran a story on the travel expenses of Dr. Pollard.  Based on the e-mails and … [Read More...]

AAUP Campus Meetings (Fall 2016)

Colleagues: During the full faculty meeting in August members of the Executive Committee announced that we were planning … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Newsletter, October 2016

(download in PDF) October 2016 Newsletter Update from Harry N. Zarin, G Counseling, Chapter President Welcome … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Nominations and the Closing Meeting

Colleagues: As the year comes to a close it is time for us to be thinking about who will manage the affairs of the … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Testimony to Montgomery County Council

Testimony by Professor Harry N. Zarin President, Montgomery College Chapter of the American Association of University … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Montgomery County Council Testimony (4/5/16)

Dear Colleagues, I have been asked to testify at the Tuesday, April 5th public hearings in front of the Montgomery County … [Read More...]