January 16, 2019

Welcome to the MC-AAUP!

In addition to the traditional role of AAUP as the "Voice of the Profession" in higher education, the Chapter at MC also serves as the exclusive agent for the faculty in a collective bargaining relationship with the college administration. This web site is primarily intended as a channel for communication with Chapter members. ________________


AAUP Update: November 2018

Sent on behalf of Harry Zarin and on behalf of the chapter: Colleagues: Update to the Faculty-November 2018 I … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Memorandum of Agreement Ratification

Colleagues: I wanted to provide all of you with a brief update on a key issue that we are dealing with. I am pleased to … [Read More...]

E-mail from Faculty Member Following 6/22 Roop Memo

(published with permission) Dear Mr. Roop.  I wrote this as soon as I received your email regarding the AAUP contract … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Response to Ruling

Colleagues: Since my last communication, the Executive Committee had an opportunity to meet and have a discussion with the … [Read More...]

Statement from the MC-AAUP Negotiating Team, May 10, 2018

Colleagues, Please read the response below from the negotiating team to the memo sent by HR last week. We will discuss … [Read More...]

Response to Mr. Roop’s Communication (Update on Negotiations with AAUP)

Colleagues: As you might imagine, the members of the AAUP Executive Committee have been exchanging a few private e-mails … [Read More...]

AAUP Works for Me! – Faculty Voices

Many thanks to the AAUP leadership and members for their willingness to fight this worthy cause on behalf of full time … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Call for Nominations and More…

Colleagues: Annually we elect officers of the Chapter at the closing meeting in May for each of the following elected … [Read More...]