October 22, 2020

Welcome to the MC-AAUP!

In addition to the traditional role of AAUP as the "Voice of the Profession" in higher education, the Chapter at MC also serves as the exclusive agent for the faculty in a collective bargaining relationship with the college administration. This web site is primarily intended as a channel for communication with Chapter members. ________________


AAUP Update: The highs, lows, and disappointments

Welcome back! On behalf of the Executive Committee, I want to welcome all of you back for another interesting year of work … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Faculty Meeting-August 24 at 11:15am

Colleagues: Welcome back for another interesting semester of work at MC.  I am writing to remind all of you that we … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: An Update to my Update and Voting

Colleagues: Have you ever written an e-mail, hit the send button, and then realized that you shouldn’t have hit send when … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Summer 2020-Related Issues

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AAUP Update: Nominations, Voting, End-of-Year Meeting, April Testimony

Colleagues: This is the first of several updates that I will be sending out as our very unusual semester comes to a … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Summer Scheduling-Follow-up With Sanjay Rai’s Senior Leadership Team Meeting

All: Several of us in Chapter leadership have received a number of e-mails regarding summer scheduling.  Based on … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Working Remotely

Colleagues: For the next several weeks, the College will be operating under emergency remote protocol procedures. Faculty … [Read More...]

AAUP Update: Tentative Agreement and More

Colleagues: I hope that all of you read the e-mail Sharon Piper, our Chief Negotiator, sent out last Friday.  In that … [Read More...]