May 21, 2024

2023 Your Voice, Your MC Survey


When the college reaches out to ask for feedback on anything that may impact your professional or even personal lives, it is an opportunity of which we should certainly take advantage. All MC employees will be invited via email to participate in the 2023 Your Voice, Your MC Survey, which will help to inform the College’s Strategic Plan Refresh. Topics will include issues related to work quality, communication, management, workplace culture, equity and inclusion, and ethics. So you can see that this can and will make a difference in future strategic planning of the college across a variety important aspects of the college, therefore we urge you to participate in the survey when it comes!

Please watch for an email message from Modern Think, LLC at and will be specific to you for your use, but will be anonymous. The survey will be available from February 6, 2023, through February 20, 2023. When you receive the invitation, please take your time so you can constructive, thoughtful, and honest about your responses. Modern Think, LLC will not share survey respondent usernames with the College and will aggregate response data to ensure responses are not attributable or identifiable to individual employees.

At the appropriate time, we look forward to a review of this feedback and hope to play an integral role, along with Faculty Council, in thoughtful reflections on these findings as well as planning for next steps. In short, the goal is to be prudent and mindful about our feedback, open minded about what we may learn, and then informed as well as deliberate about how we plan moving forward. So, we all have a voice, both now and after the results are shared and then a responsibility to use that information wisely.

Should you have any questions about the survey, please contact Scot Brown in HRSTM or visit the Your Voice, Your MC: Employee Experience and Climate Survey webpage.



AJ “Tito” Baca, Ed.D.

Professor: Health Sciences

President: MC-AAUP

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