May 22, 2024

AAUP: Brief Update

Happy Friday Faculty,

We have a couple of very brief updates for you this week:

1.  We have heard from several of our members regarding the Governance Connections newsletter that was sent out to the college last week.  We have decided to post one of those responses, which captures many of the concerns, on our website.  You can read the response at:

2.  Members of the AAUP executive committee have heard a repeated rumor from members of the college concerning academic restructuring. The rumor is that if the college is unable to hire enough internal chair administrators, that it will hire externally and that these external hires will be permanent (instead of a limited chair appointment).  So far, we’ve been telling people that these issues will be decided through the work groups.  We followed-up with Dr. Pearl to make sure we were passing on accurate information.  Dr. Pearl’s answer was that we were correct with our response. He added that the position description for both external and internal hires should be the same.

We should have more updates for you early next week regarding our ongoing contract issues.  Hope you have a great weekend.

On behalf of the AAUP-MC Executive Committee,


Dan Wilson, Associate Professor
President – AAUP
Chair – Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Suite 224 (Room 234) Humanities Building
Montgomery College – Rockville, MD
240-567-7486 (Office)

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