April 16, 2024

AAUP-Call for Nominations for AY17-18


Annually we elect new officers of the Chapter at the closing meeting in May.  Our elected offices are the following;

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President-Germantown
  • Vice President-Rockville
  • Vice President Takoma Park

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, you must be a dues paying member of the Chapter.  If you are interested in nominating a full-time faculty member for one of these positions, that full-time faculty member must be a dues paying member of the Chapter.  In either case, please send your nomination(s) via e-mail to Julie Levinson, Counseling Takoma Park/Silver Spring.  Full-time faculty members who are paying the service fee are not eligible to serve in any of these positions and they are not allowed to vote at any of our Chapter meeting.  If you are not sure whether you are a dues paying member of the Chapter, please send an e-mail to the Chapter Treasurer, Michael Gurevitz.


The nominations period is now open and the call for nominations will end at 5:00 pm on Wednesday May 3.  On-line voting before the closing meeting and on-site voting at the end of year meeting will be available to our dues paying members.  I will provide you with more information about the voting process in a future e-mail.


On behalf of the Chapter,


Harry Z.


Harry N. Zarin, Professor/Counselor


Montgomery College

20200 Observation Dr. SA239

Germantown, MD  20876


240-567-1985 Fax

240-449-3452 VPN

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