May 22, 2024

AAUP: General Information & Updates

Hello Good People of MC,

I write to you today with a reminder to volunteer your time for the academic restructuring “work groups”. Additionally, I’d like to update you on a few matters: our relationship with administration, the ongoing pay/calendar dispute, and updates to the AAUP website.
The AAUP Executive Committee wants to encourage you to volunteer your time to participate in the “work groups” that are being formed to create recommendations for all areas of the academic structure. There are a total of seven work groups, and each group is concerned with a different area of the college.  Send your preferred assignment no later than Thursday, October 3 (tomorrow!) by 9am to  Below you will find the email sent by Dr. Pearl which gives more details about the work groups.

This new structure will have major implications for our working conditions and the direction of the college and we need your voices to be heard. 
We continue to reach out to our administrative leadership in order to secure answers to our many questions and to try and create improved working relationships. Following one such request to meet with leadership, we were contacted by the office of Nadine Porter to schedule a meeting.  On September 13, after a few failed attempts to agree on a time and date, I was given a choice of four different meeting times. I chose one of the given time slots: 9/27.  On 9/26 I sent an email to confirm the meeting.  The response for Ms. Porter’s office was that the meeting was never scheduled and that Ms. Porter would not be able to meet for 3 weeks.  On 9/26 I offered to meet at an alternative time (perhaps after 5pm) but I have not, as of yet, received any response.
Some of you have been inquiring about the ongoing pay/calendar dispute.  We, also, are anxious for an update from our lawyer. At this point it will depend on the legal representation of the college and the AAUP to help settle the dispute.  We will let you know as soon as we have more information.
We have begun updating the AAUP Website!  It is not yet finished, but you will find some new details: an articles tab, interesting links, and some other small changes.  Fresh updates will continue in the weeks to come. Thank you for your patience.
Lastly, we want to thank everyone for sending suggestions, comments, ideas, support, and critiques.  Although we can’t respond to all comments, we do try to respond to most, even if it takes a little while to get to it.

On behalf of the AAUP Executive Committee,


Dan Wilson, Associate Professor
President – AAUP
Chair – Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Suite 224 (Room 234) Humanities Building
Montgomery College – Rockville, MD
240-567-7486 (Office)

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