May 22, 2024

College Email Distribution Lists


We heard from several folks that they might not be getting emails when sent messages are sent via campus or collegewide distribution lists, such as “Full Time Faculty” or by campus like “Full-Time Faculty GT.”

If you want to see if you are included on one or more of these lists, follow the directions below.

  1. Type Full Time Faculty or Full-Time Faculty TP, RV or GT in the “To” section of a new email.
  2. Press the small + sign in front of that email distribution list.
  3. Click ok to expand the list.
  4. Search for your name and make sure it is spelled correctly
  5. If your name is there, be sure to check any other distribution lists that you feel you should be included on as well.
  6. If your name is there but you are not getting messages, check Clutter and Junk folders.
  7. If your name is NOT there, contact the most Senior Administrative Aid in your Department and ask that your email be added / edited as needed. You may want to copy your Chair as well.

But please make sure it is not there before reaching out to these folks.

Hope this helps!


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