June 23, 2024

EAP and Travel Expense Forms

I’m attaching the two forms necessary to request travel funds from the new EAP fund created for covering travel expenses.  For full-time faculty, that’s up to $500, every other year, for any travel-related expenses for discipline-related professional development.   The full-time faculty fund is capped at $75,000..  Funds are available without condition on a first-come, first-served basis.  EAP funds are available only after a 6-month period for new full-time faculty members

 If you are eligible for these funds and wish to request them, you need to do the following: 

  1. Complete the EAP form for non-MC courses.  This one form gives you access to both the EAP fund for registration and course fees and the new EAP travel fund.  If you plan to pre-pay your registration and/or course fees and be reimbursed, please be sure to change the field under payment options – it defaults to “Pay vendor directly.”
  2. Complete the registration information and amount for conference/ course fees under the “Course Information” section.  Do not include travel expenses in this amount – just registration fees.
  3. Then, complete the EAP form for distant travel funds (also attached).  Just complete the top of the form, not the bottom.  That’s where you will account for your expenses when you return from your travel. 
  4. The two forms come together to your Dean for signatures.  You will receive the EAP distant travel funds request form back so that you can re-submit it when your travel is done.  You need to have original receipts for all expenses, but be sure to make copies of your receipts. 


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