July 21, 2024

Join the AAUP!

Join your Montgomery College colleagues to promote and protect our profession.

Joining the AAUP says that you’re concerned about academic freedom, and about the way that basic freedom protects your teaching and research. It says that participating in faculty governance is important to you, and that you are concerned about career issues, tenure, and the overuse of contingent faculty. By joining,  you help shape the future of our profession and proclaim our dedication to the education community. In addition, there are many practical benefits–discounts, insurance programs, financial incentives–available to AAUP members.

Join Now!  Your position at Montgomery College is part of a collective bargaining unit.  If you are interested in joining the Chapter or paying a Voluntary Collective Bargaining Service Fee in support of the Chapter, please complete the AAUP Dues & Service Fee Deduction Form (PDF format).