June 23, 2024

Memorandum of Agreement- AAUP and Management for AY20-21

Dear Colleagues:

Attached you will find the Memorandum of Agreement between the MC AAUP chapter representing the FT faculty, and MC Management. This agreement represents a one year contract and if ratified will be in effect for the 2020-21 academic year. The fall 2019 negotiation session focused on financials, which include salary and overload pay, as well as EAP funds. Additionally, insurance coverage for FT faculty on reduced work load, and short term disability were discussed. 

Based on input from FT faculty, our analysis of the faculty salary study data, and the county fiscal situation, our goals for negotiating this contract related to salary were four-fold. They included:

  • Preventing of red-lining of FT faculty salaries
  • Providing a general wage adjustment that tracked with current inflation (moves the scale up)
  • Providing an increment to those FT faculty below the top of the scale (moves individuals up the salary scale)
  • Providing compensation to those FT faculty below the top of the scale, who were employed as FT faculty here at MC during the 2011-12 AY, when our negotiated pay increases for that AY were revoked and furloughs were implemented as a result of the recession.

The compensation adjustments negotiated for next year meet our stated goals. The GWA tracks with current inflation and prevents redlining of our salary scale. The flat dollar increment provides parity for all FT faculty below the top of the scale in terms of movement up the scale. The recession adjustment to the salary base provides recognition of the sacrifices made by faculty here during the 2011 AY when negotiated compensation adjustments were eliminated.

The specifics are summarized below:


Compensation adjustments include the following-

  • A two and three tenths percent (2.3%) general wage adjustment for faculty members who have been in the bargaining unit for at least one semester as of the beginning of the fiscal 2021 academic year.  The salary range for the fiscal 2021 academic year shall be $62,319.00 to $116,847.00
  • An increment of $650.00 will be added to the salary of any faculty member who is not at the top of the fiscal 2020 academic year salary range
  • An adjustment of $250.00 will be made to the salary of any faculty member hired by Management before August 1, 2012, and who is not at the top of the fiscal 2020 academic year salary range. 


The total sum of the AY2020 EAP funds will be increased by 3.0%. This 3.0% dollar amount will be applied fully to the EAP travel fund for AY20-21. EAP dollar amounts for individuals (both EAP general and EAP travel monies) will be increased by 3.0% for the AY20-21. 

Reduced load insurance costs:

For FT faculty who are on reduced load, and who purchase their health insurance through the college, management will cover the college’s full portion of the insurance costs during the time of the reduced load. Previously, management covered a reduced portion of their insurance costs, and billed FT faculty for the remainder during the time reduced load was taken.

Short term disability:

FT faculty who have exhausted their sick leave will now have the option of requesting an advance of 10 days of sick leave prior to taking short term disability, or not taking a sick leave advance and going straight into short term disability usage. Previous agreements required FT faculty to take the 10 days advance on their sick leave prior to using short term disability. This change now gives us parity with staff and administrators regarding this issue.

As your negotiating team, we ask that you ratify this agreement for AY20-21. We appreciate the faith that you put in us, and the support and input that you provide to us. We will be holding forums to discuss the MOA on all three campuses the week of 2/17-2/21 and will hold the ratification vote electronically the following week.

  • Rockville forum– Tuesday February 18, 2-3:30 p.m. location SC462.
  • Germantown forum– Thursday February 20, 2:30-4 p.m. location BE 165
  • TP/SS forum– Friday February 21, 12-1:30 p.m. location SN 105

Please come and ask questions on this MOA and any other issues of interest. Specific information on the campus forums will be provided in a later email.

For the Chapter,

Sharon Piper, Lead Negotiator

Tito Baca

Robin Flanary

Michael Gurevitz

Rick Penn

Ginger Robinson

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