May 22, 2024

MOA on use of EAP travel funds for AY2021

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

The following statement is a summary of the Memorandum of Agreement between the AAUP and Management at Montgomery College regarding the use of EAP travel funds for the current academic year (AY2021).  EAP funds are designated as either “general” (tuition, conferences, professional memberships, etc) or “travel” (costs of travel to conferences, etc- including transportation, hotel, meals). The MOA is linked here and under “Chapter Documents”. 

Please contact a member of the negotiating team if you have any questions. 

” In the course of negotiating the AY21-22 AAUP FT faculty contract, concerns were raised about the inability of FT faculty to use travel EAP funds for this academic year because of the current covid constrictions on travel. It was proposed by the AAUP that these travel funds be added to the general EAP funds for this academic year so that they would be available for general EAP usage. This proposal was agreed to by management and a MOA (memorandum of agreement) to that effect has been signed. These funds can be used either for general EAP purposes, or for travel this academic year, should that become an option in the spring semester. Please follow the prescribed protocol for access to general EAP funds as provided by your program or department.”

For the Chapter, 
Sharon Piper, Lead Negotiator

For Management, 
Carol Kliever, Employee and Labor Relations

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