April 16, 2024

Presidential Perks Survey

Presidential Perks Survey of F-T Faculty

As we assume you know, the NBC4 I-Team investigators reported on Dr. Pollard’s spending over the past six years, and she has responded publicly to the report. In her reaction to that report, she asked for feedback from the College community, so we are acting to facilitate that process and as a conduit to collect feedback from the full-time faculty.

To that end, we are collecting your thoughtful responses. If you have not done so already, take a few minutes to read/watch the links below and then share your thoughts with us ANONYMOUSLY using the form below.

We intend to present your collected feedback to Dr. Pollard before the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday Dec. 12. Please respond by 9p.m. Thursday Dec. 8 so that we may have time to collate the responses and write an executive summary.

  1. Read/Watch Report
  2. Review Dr. Pollard’s Contract
  3. Read Dr. Pollard’s Response to Story
  4. Read Follow-Up NBC4 Report – Comparing Local Community Colleges
  5. F-T Faculty AAUP Survey Prompts:
    • Use the space below to share your reaction to the information contained in the reports, as well as to Dr. Pollard’s response to the college community.
    • Use the space below to comment on how the recent information and/or Dr. Pollard’s response has or has not impacted your morale.
    • Use the space below to share other ideas, solutions, questions, concerns and/or comments.