June 23, 2024

Quick Updates

A quick update on some issues of concern to many of us:

First, yesterday we received an e-mail regarding the administration’s responses to date regarding the second occurrence of our social security numbers winding up on the web. I replied to Steve Cain and Cathy Jones sharing two concerns that many of you have brought to me but which were not addressed in this memo. For one, after the first such security breach two years ago we were assured that the administration was “working to review how and why this document was posted as well as establish protocol to identify and prevent future information security issues.” I have requested a report on what protocols were instituted, but to date have received no information on this. Also, in Dr. Pollard’s earlier email on this matter, she referred to “taking appropriate actions with respect to any persons that are accountable,” but plans for any such action were not mentioned this time.
I received a reply that the investigation is still ongoing, and they are discussing both of these concerns.

Finally, as you may have noticed in the papers over the past couple of days, MCPS teachers are getting ready to ratify a deal which includes a raise that averages approximately 3.4% in the base salary. According to the terms of our contract, the MC administration is required to formally notify the AAUP upon the implementation of MCPS’s deal (July 1), and “promptly meet to negotiate in good faith in an effort to reach agreement on such changes, if any” for us.
We will keep you posted of any updates to either of these matters.

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