June 23, 2024

Course Renumbering Memorandum – April 1, 2013

 From:               Dr. Donald M. Pearl, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 

I wish to express my appreciation to all members of the faculty, staff, and administration for the cooperation and effort that has gone into the course level review. By purposefully examining the numerical, course level assignment and sequencing, we will create a meaningful course system that outlines a clear educational pathway for our students.

After reviewing a number of course format alternatives, the College has decided that it is in our best interests to transition from a two-letter, three-number format (i.e., SN101) to a four-letter, three-number format (i.e., SPAN101). This has the advantage of bringing our numbering system in line to that of other colleges and universities in Maryland, and expanding those prefixes will improve identification for those departments that were not easily associated with their old designation. A three-letter prefix designation will continue to be used for Workforce Development & Continuing Education courses.

Upon the completion of the first phase of the course review, the College Curriculum Committee will analyze the results. Before any final decisions are made, the disciplines will have an opportunity to comment on the recommendations that are made.

Again, thank you for your support and cooperation with this process.